The History of the Market (so far)

The Rust Belt Market is a living market - a true living market. Essentially, we have dusted off a 7,000yr old business model and put some spit and polish on it. We take careful consideration on each artist, designer, and collector who sells. The market is not a flea, nor a consignment shop. You will not find cheap and/or imported goods at the Belt. In fact, the only buy/sell goods at the market are the highly curated vintage collections by men and women who passionately collect and curate full time.

Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 11am-6pm.
Mon-Fri: Closed (Generally)

The market is open during the occasional Friday evening (6pm-10pm) when we can coordinate with City events. All Friday openings will be posted in our happenings section as well as on our Facebook Page.

We are a weekend only market. This is for two major reasons:

  1. 1. Many of our vendors have traditional Mon-Fri 9-5 day jobs along with operating their own small business. During shopping hours, each shop owner sells directly to you. A “house register” does not exist.
  2. 2. Each artist, designer and collector needs the time during the week to create and collect all of the fantastic pieces you will see during Saturday and Sunday.

When you think about shopping, please consider the Rust Belt over traditional retail such as the mall or big box stores. Your support not only keeps 100% of your money spent in the local economy, but it also helps fulfill the dream and goals of our artists as they operate both start-ups and sustaining small businesses. This in turn will benefit all of our great state!

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